On August 6, 2014, a team of Tracy Driscoll employees walked up to the United Way at 200 Main Street to deliver their donations to the UW Adopt-A-Child program.  This program enables children to receive backpacks filled with back to school items such as clothes and school supplies, allowing every child to start off their school year with a great first day.  This year, both Tracy Driscoll and its’ employees contributed to the skyrocketing success of the Adopt-A-Child program which has exceeded its goals for 2014.   In addition to individual Tracy Driscoll employees generously donating their time and money to families in need, the company itself is excited to be adopting and providing for a family of triplet boys! Our team is looking forward to continuing our history with the annual Adopt-A-Child program and honoring their decision to help all children start the school year with a smile on their face.TD backpack photo 1 TD backpack photo 2


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